ONGOING RESEARCH TOPIC: Achieving Nutrition Security in Tanzania by Improving Production, Education and Economics: Methods, Tools and Applications

Inadequate access to nutritious food results in poor diets, and this nutrition insecurity is common in...  » more

Provitamin A Carotenoids, Tocopherols, Ascorbic Acid and Minerals in Indigenous Leafy Vegetables from Tanzania

GOWELE, V.F., KINABO, J., JUMBE, T., KIRSCHMANN, C., FRANK, J., STUETZ, W. 2019 The essential micronutrients...  » more

Applying the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to the Charcoal Value Chain

HOFFMANN, H. K., SANDER, K., BRÜNTRUP, M. & SIEBER, S. 2017. Applying the Water-Energy-Food Nexus to...  » more

Efficiency scenarios of charcoal production and consumption – a village case study from Western Tanzania

HOFFMANN, H., UCKERT, G., RYBAK, C., GRAEF, F., SANDER, K. & SIEBER, S. 2018. Efficiency scenarios of...  » more

Innovative educational tools development for food security: Engaging community voices in Tanzania

BONATTI, M., SCHLINDWEIN, I., LANA, M., BUNDALA, N., SIEBER, S. & RYBAK, C. 2018. Innovative educational...  » more

Fuelwood scarcity and its adaptation measures: an assessment of coping strategies applied by small-scale farmers in Dodoma region, Tanzania

SCHEID, A., HAFNER, J. M., HOFFMANN, H., KÄCHELE, H., SIEBER, S. & RYBAK, C. 2018. Fuelwood scarcity...  » more

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