Kübler, A. (presumably May/June 2019): Diffusion of Agricultural Practices: An Innovation Systems Perspective on Knowledge Exchange on Kitchen Gardens, Fertilizer Micro-Dosing and In-field Rainwater Harvesting Techniques in Tanzania

Master Theses

A common challenge in research and development projects is the out-scaling of research results to ensure future benefits for (involved) stakeholders. Based on the assumption that diffusion of innovations takes place in collaborative networks where knowledge is exchanged, this thesis aims to gain a deeper understanding of factors influencing the diffusion of three of the most promising UPS implemented in the Scale-N project: kitchen gardens, fertilizer micro-dosing and in-field rainwater harvesting. To identify drivers and barriers to adoption and diffusion of these practices, a research was conducted among actors of the agricultural sector involved in their promotion and implementation in November and December 2018.

Scale-N is financed by BMEL
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