Arendt, L. (presumably June 2019): A performance analysis of three sustainable energy practices addressing deforestation & forest degradation in Tanzania: Approaching tree planting, improved cooking stoves and sustainable charcoal production via the innovation systems perspective

Master Theses

As Tanzania’s forests are suffering from severe deforestation and degradation, largely linked to a high reliance on woodfuel for cooking and heating, a wide range of institutions are introducing innovative practices (including ZALF’s Trans-SEC and Scale-N) aiming at reducing forest loss. This master thesis seeks to analyse the implementation and performance of three such sustainable energy and woodfuel saving practices across the country: (1) tree planting, (2) improved cooking stoves and (3) sustainable charcoal production. It will therefore draw on the ‘Agricultural Innovation Systems’ approach to develop a perspective on the network of actors involved in the woodfuel saving energy sector in Tanzania, furthermore displaying the implementation processes of the three selected practices, including a focus on knowledge transfer, and presenting challenges for their introduction.

Scale-N is financed by BMEL
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