Kihamba, G. Z. (presumably March 2019): Optimal farm enterprise mix and threshold dietary requirements for smallholder farmers in semi-arid Chamwino district, Dodoma-Tanzania

Malnutrition is among serious health problems affecting infants, children and women of reproductive age...  » more

Mwaisenye, N.J. (presumably March 2019): Micronutrient composition of selected sun-dried and cooked indigenous vegetables: A case of Chinoje and Mzula villages, Dodoma, Tanzania.

Indigenous leafy vegetables are very important in human diet as they supply a number of important nutrients....  » more

Ngawembela, M. (presumably March 2019): Fruit consumption and storage practices among rural households in Chaimwino district, Dodoma, Tanzania

Low fruits consumption contributes to micronutrient deficiency particularly in populations with low consumption...  » more

Kübler, A. (presumably May/June 2019): Diffusion of Agricultural Practices: An Innovation Systems Perspective on Knowledge Exchange on Kitchen Gardens, Fertilizer Micro-Dosing and In-field Rainwater Harvesting Techniques in Tanzania

A common challenge in research and development projects is the out-scaling of research results to ensure...  » more

Arendt, L. (presumably June 2019): A performance analysis of three sustainable energy practices addressing deforestation & forest degradation in Tanzania: Approaching tree planting, improved cooking stoves and sustainable charcoal production via the innovation systems perspective

As Tanzania’s forests are suffering from severe deforestation and degradation, largely linked to a...  » more

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