Penicka, A. (2017): Implications of Land Use Conflicts for Food Security A Case Study of Tindiga Village in the Morogoro Region of Tanzania

The vast majority of the rural population in Sub-Saharan Africa depends on land as their main source...  » more

Zimmer, S. (2017): Improved Cooking Stoves for Enhanced Nutrition Security. Identifying Essential Factors for Implementing Improved Cooking Stoves in Rural Tanzania Recommendations for Outscaling in Morogoro and Dodoma Regions

This thesis has assessed essential biophysical, socioeconomic and operational factors for the adoption,...  » more

Räuscher, H. (2017): Kitchen gardens for improved nutrition security: An analysis of the essential factors for the implementation in rural Tanzania- Recommendations for an outscaling to the Morogoro and Dodoma Regions.

This study has attempted to shed some light on the decisive factors that underlie the adoption or non-adoption...  » more

Mgaya, D. (2017): Economic viability of rural vegetable gardening systems in Kilosa and Chamwino districts in Eastern and Central Tanzania

Small scale vegetable productions have recently received considerable attention for their contribution...  » more

Elraky, L. (2017): Evaluation of dietary micronutrient intake of mother-children pairs in rural areas of Chamwino and Kilosa in Tanzania

Background: Insufficient intake of important micronutrients, especially vitamin A, iron and zinc, as...  » more

Naser, K.(2017): How can women and men be strengthened in processing of green leafy vegetables to provide a better diet?

This Master thesis initally raised the question how women and men can be strengthened in processing of...  » more

Schütt, J. (2018): Conflict Experience in Collaborative Research at the Intersection of Local Stakeholder and Project Team Members - The Case of a Food Security Project in Tanzania -

Collaborative research and bottom up approaches at the society-science nexus are increasingly recognized...  » more

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